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First Day of {home}School 20162017


I have so many posts to write!  Weekly Wrap-ups, Friday on the Farm, Baby summaries for our newest addition …  Birthday summaries for the oldest 3!  The list goes on …. and it will get done, just slowly.

But for now, here is our Back to Homeschool Weekly Wrap Up! (technically for the last two weeks)

We have been easing into our lessons the last two weeks; with a newborn to care for, a real Kindergartener, a preschooler, and a toddler wanting to do EVERYTHING her older siblings do, we definitely need a transition period around here!

So, we started with our history, which is the Beautiful Feet Early American History pack (read more about that here), Bible, handwriting, and math.

This last week (which was our second week back) we introduced reading lessons with AAR again.  What I LOVE about this right now, is that my oldest daughter has taught herself to read; we haven’t even hit the ea, ee, oo, ou, etc rules of reading but she can read words and decode words with ease.  We will continue with out AAR lessons because I think it is important developmentally for her to understand those rules- it is going to help when we get to spelling and vocabulary.  But, on to my point- we are able to do 3+ lessons in one day!  So on Mondays we bust out a bunch of lessons, and for the rest of the week she just reads to me!


This week we will reintroduce our science (Apologia Astronomy), possibly spelling, and journaling.  Honestly, right now with the baby needing to be fed right in the middle of our lessons, I don’t think we will realistically get to everything each week for several week from now.  But, we have to start somewhere and for now, this works.

First Week of Homeschool {2016/2017}

We also decided to get clipboards last week; after we have done school that requires mama, I feed the baby about 10:00am, and we all go outside at that time.  I nurse her, Lexie does work on her clipboard (handwriting and math sheets), and Mister and Ila play- we all get fresh air, sunshine, and the baby gets to be around everyone and outdoors.

Our morning time routine is still going well- we are enjoying poetry.  The first few weeks of this first semester will be a recap from last year’s selections when we reviewed IEW, and then we will move on with new selections from the same book.

We do calendar, finger plays/songs, memory verse, and poetry during morning basket.  We also do our history reading at this time, which for now is Leif the Lucky.  This is a fun read, very deep for younger kids, and mine are actually enjoying it and understanding it very well!  Lexie enjoys the coloring and copywork that goes along with it, and we are learning about different Virtues; Mister really enjoys the bravery and stories about the vikings and Native Americans.  It has been wonderful so far.

So, that is our first two weeks in a nutshell- a little school, lots of play, lots of time with the baby, and plenty of sunshine. I cannot believe fall is almost here!

Lots of Play {homeschool}

Lots of Play!


Lots of Snuggles {back to Homeschool}

and Lots of snuggles =)

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