Baby #4 Summary- Week 9

Coralie is 9 weeks old, almost 10.  And sleep.  Is.  Awful.


There is a wonder week from weeks 7-9, and honestly I don’t think I remember my first 3 being affected by it.  Coralie is definitely feeling this one!

While her witching hour has gotten better, she is waking in the night more- not every night.  Some nights she goes until 4, 5, or even 6:30am!  Other nights she is up around 1am and again around 4am, or she may sleep through from 1-6:30ish.  You see- there is no consistency, and that makes me crazy!  =P

I can handle wakings, bad naps, fussy babies … been there done that.  But this inconsistency of sleeping good, then not, then sleeping through the night, then not- that I cannot handle.

So I am praying she comes out of this wonder week (which she should technically be done with), sleeping better, or at least back to where she was!

Her naps are pretty routine, but she is waking mid nap.  Pacifier isn’t helping, and frankly she seems overstimulated by anything I try to do for her.  So I often let her cry until she is just worn out, then pat her to sleep.  (because even holding her doesn’t help and she refuses to eat; she isn’t hungry.  Just an overtired mess!)


Coralie is so social- she is still a happy girl, loves to talk and gurgle at back at you, and gets really upset when I get her ready for naps.  As soon as I lay her down to begin her sleep time routine, she usually starts fussing (too bad she doesn’t realize she needs sleep to grow, develop, and be happy).

She loves being outside, being held by her siblings, and bouncing in her bouncer.  Loud noises scare her, loud voices make her jump, and she cries over the smallest of things.  Much like her biggest sister, Coralie is a touchy baby to a Tee.  She is easily overstimulated, likes to suck (though it doesn’t help with sleep anymore-maybe that’s a phase?), needs LOTS of comfort and security about her world, and seems to use crying before sleep as a way to decompress from the world.

I remember Lexie crying before every single nap, every bed time.  It wasn’t that she wanted to be held- that didn’t help.   She wasn’t hungry, she’d just eaten.  She didn’t really want anything, it was just how she fell asleep.  She needed to let go of all the tension she took in while being awake; and that is OKAY.  I am guessing that Coralie will be the same way; when she is a bit older and ready she will do this while putting herself to sleep.

My next post will have more detail on how/why Coralie is a touchy baby.

For now, our routine is still loosely:

  • 7am nurse, bottle
  • 10am nurse bottle (outside)
  • 1pm nurse bottle
  • 4pm nurse bottle (outside)
  • 6pm nurse/bouncer in living room (while family eats/ winds down for evening)
  • 6:45-7pm nurse bottle bed
  • Bed right after eating.  She usually fusses and eats 1-2more times after I put her to bed, until about 8:00pm

Her waketime has been at 40 minutes the last 2 weeks, and with her naps being a bit of a mess, it is hard to tell if this needs to be increased or not?  But I am guessing that by 12 weeks we will be at about 50-55 minutes.

We do wind down at the 35 minute mark, and “set the stage” with the room dark, calm, quiet, and white noise.  I put her back in the swaddle full time because the woombie seemed to be frustrating her a bit.  At night she is swaddled and then in the woombie because she busts out of the swaddle at night.


So, there it is- the 8-9 week old update!  =)


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