Baby (#3) Summary: 11 weeks

(written a few weeks ago, Ila is now 14 weeks)

Baby Summary- 11 weeks {}

(she has watermarks so crazies online don’t steal her sweet baby face)

Yep- it has been ELEVEN weeks since Baby Ila (or Ila-Dila, as the kids call her) was born.  I can’t believe it!  And unlike my first two, she has yet to have a baby summary post!  I do these for two main reasons: as as journal for myself to remember what my babies were doing when, and to help readers looking for baby sleep schedules/routines.


I will just start with our schedule, and go into details after that.  Right now we are doing a 3 hour routine, but I think she is about ready for 3.5- 4 hours between feedings. (YAY)

  • 7:00-wake/nurse/bottle/play
  • 7:55- down for nap
  • 10:00- wake/nurse/bottle/play
  • 10:55- down for nap
  • 1:00- wake/nurse/bottle/play
  • 1:55- down for nap
  • 4:00- wake/nurse/bottle/play
  • 4:55 down for nap
  • She has been waking at this nap, and fussing because she is swaddled (which she normally loves) which makes me think she is about ready to drop this nap and move on to a 4 hour routine.  But I am just hesitant yet, because she sleeps SO GOOD at naps and night, and I don’t want to mess that up!
  • 7:00 wake/nurse/bottle BED

She is in bed every night before 8.  The process of nursing and bottling takes us about 40 minutes, and there is no play time before bed at this stage.  Lately, she has been having a hard time falling asleep at bedtime (again, a sign we need to drop the 4th nap and extend time between feedings), but is generally happy.

Before the last few days, we have steadily been at a 50 minute wake time since about …6 weeks?  Before that we were at 45 minutes, which was just enough time to change her diaper, feed, and re-swaddle her for bed (mainly because feeding takes us so long).  But this week she jumped up to a 55 minute waketime  YAY.  So you may wonder, how do you know when they’re ready for a longer wake time?  She was staying up and talking at naps, happily, and then would fuss a bit before falling asleep (Because by that point she was over tired).  So I knew it was time to push WT; I always jump in 5 minute increments and give it a day or two to work itself out before moving another 5 minutes, if it is needed; especially when they are this little.  When they are older (2yrs+) I may move in 15 min increments.

For feedings we nurse, then she takes a bottle.  But I have to sneak the bottle in, or she won’t take it.  She just wants to nurse, which makes it hard for anyone else to feed her.  In that way she is different from my other babies.  With Lexie, from 4-9 months I was doing my internship/graduating from college, so we only got to nurse morning and at night; Max was in so much pain he just wanted a bottle then refluxed it all back up … he refused to nurse from about 5 months on.  Ila LOVES to nurse; she goes crazy with excitement when it is time to nurse and does not want that bottle.  but since I have a low supply, she has to take a bottle…  I am pumping after 1-2 feedings a day to help with my supply.  I just don’t have time to pump after every feeding.


Overall, Ila is a very happy girl.  She rarely cries, smiles all the time, loves to snuggle and lights up the minute she sees or hears Mister and Lexie.  They *LOVE* her.  They want to hold her, talk to her, snuggle her, hold her hand, and read her books non stop.  They join me for putting her down for all her naps and happily sing “Jesus Loves Me” each time- it is pretty precious.

Personality wise, she is so easy going compared to the other two.  Well, Lexie was colicy some days, and had a very strong willed, determined personality.  Max was easy going but had so many issues with reflux, that made him difficult.  God knew I needed a break when he gave me Ila!


Developmentally, she is on target I guess?  I am not really keeping up this time (funny how that happens).  She has discovered her hands, kicks her legs a lot, and talks.  Oooh, how she talks.  I love it!  =)  She isn’t in a rush to do anything, doesn’t care much about moving around; Lexie and Max were both trying to roll at this point.  She just enjoys talking and being tickled.

Hopefully I will keep up better with her development/summary posts; probably not weekly, but monthly.



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