B is for Building on the Homestead

This week’s letter is B, and for us nothing would be more fitting than building. My amazing, hard working husband has spent the last 2 weeks building a (hopefully) goat proof fence for our new goat babies. He has taken the time to teach me:

  • how to cut, bend, and put fencing wire onto gates
  • how to hang gates
  • the ins and outs of designing the fence itself
  • and lots of other handy stuff

I probably can’t do many of those things very well … or on my own without reminders of what exactly to do for that matter. But we have lots more fence to do in the future, so many opportunities to get better!

We have fenced the goats’ stall in the barn, cleaned it all up; today I will get all the materials down for the floors, get their pallets in place, and clean up the barnyard a bit. We need to adjust the height of one of the existing gates, and put away all the tools that are currently in the tack room/feed room. I need to wash out the feed buckets we have, make a run to TSC and then I think we will be about ready!

Preparing for Goats on the Farm

My children came up with a few other B words that are important on a homestead or farm …

  • butcher
  • butting
  • butter
  • barns
  • bugs
  • bulls
  • buckling
  • babies


it’s as if he knows he should be expecting something …


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