Christiain Audio Dramas: Jonathan Park

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew
Jonathan Park

If you have been around here very long, you know we love all things audiobook and audio drama. So I jumped on the chance for our family to review Jonathan Park, The Adventure Begins, Series 1. We received a physical, 4 disc set covering all four albums of the first Jonathan Park adventure. This is a wonderful Christian audio drama, and perfect for your home and homeschool. My kids listen to audio dramas almost daily in our home; they’re a great way to get reading in (through the ears, yes it’s thing…), and I love when they’re Christian based, adding Biblical truths.

I would say this is definitely appropriate for 5+ years old. A younger 5 year old may not quite understand what is happening, but my just turned 6 year old definitely does. There is a lot of adventure, and some “bad guys,” so especially sensitive kiddos may struggle there, but I have a few sensitive kids and they haven’t had any trouble with it. My just turned 12 year old enjoys it as well, and she said older kids would probably like it, too.

Jonathan Park Audiodrama for the Family

What Is It?

Jonathan Park, The Adventure Begins, Series 1 is a Christian audio drama chronicling the adventure of Jonathan and his father when they run into the Brenan family. They go on to discover a huge area of dinosaur bones, which prompts them to open a creation science museum. The adventures they go on, and trials they face make the listening experience so fun and exciting for families.

In our home, we have a lot to do during our day- farm chores, meals, quiet time for Bible reading, and home educating require a lot from all of us. We work very hard to keep things slow and peaceful, so down-time is a must for everyone. Jonathan Park has been a perfect addition to our days. Listening while they color and do puzzles or even play board games, is one of my kids’ favorite ways to spend their free time. Jonathan Park is  a series they have listened to over and over again over the last several weeks; each kiddo has their favorite parts (my 10 year old even has his favorite disc 😂 ), they quote it to one another throughout the day, and have little inside jokes about different things said. Mister (10yo) says:

My favorite part is when Eddie is late, and has to tell the password to get into the treehouse, and it’s funny. The tune and song they put in is hilarious! I also liked the last CD, The Mystery of Deadman’s Curve, when Mr. Moriarty is trying to scare the Brenan’s and the Parks out of making their science museum, so he can make his top secret spy vehicles and sell them to the government. If the museum goes up, it won’t be a top secret operation anymore. He’s the bad guy”

Why You’ll Love It

I love that as a mama with a full day, I can trust that what my kids are exposed to through Jonathan Park, is safe; I don’t have to worry about bad language, inappropriate scenarios, or bad attitudes that may influence them. The story line is interesting for everyone, and gives them a chance to build comprehension through listening. We know that listening to build comprehension is an important skill, and rereading/relistening gives a different experience each time. The first time we read, it is to learn what happens, each time after that is for enjoyment and building our understanding even more, without knowing it. All 4 of my oldest ask for this audio drama because they truly enjoy it.

I know we will be needing to get the other series, soon! They will make a perfect stocking stuffer, gift from grandparents, or a great enrichment to the homeschool year! You can listen together in the car, or just during downtime at home. The Adventure Begins, Series 1, is a series parents and grandparents will enjoy listening along to, as well- my meter of how enriching something is (movies, music, books, etc.) is this- would an adult enjoy it as well? If not, it is probably a bit twaddle-y (using language that talks down to kids, unintelligent, reading-made-easy language, etc). If an adult would enjoy it with their family, it’s probably high quality and worth spending my time or money on. This is definitely enjoyable by the whole family!

Right now you can get The Adventure Begins, Series 1 discounted nearly 60%, PLUS a discount code for free shipping. Don’t miss this offer, and the experience of Jonathan Park! Enter jpcrew22 for free shipping on your order!


Connect with Jonathan Park:

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Homeschool Scripture Memorization: Morning Time Memory Work

:,Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Scripture Memory Fellowship

We have been using 14:6 – The Way (ESV version) as a scripture memory work course in our homeschool. This is a great way for anyone, adults included, to memorize scripture. While it isn’t a full blown Bible study, Scripture Memory Fellowship has put together a wonderful program that isn’t just rote memorization, but also offers context, for meaningful lessons. No need to look up specific verses or context to find just the right thing for each topic- the work is done for you! This is a great way for anyone to memorize scripture to help share the gospel with others, and understand the why behind the verses they’re learning.

14-6 The Way

What is it?

14:6 The Way has 28 weeks of memorization with 7 units of 4 lessons each. This book covers seven gospel-centric questions that point to Jesus from the beginning of creation, to God’s plan and finally His redemption story. There are options of learning 1, 2, or 3 verses each week. The doctrine covered is in the title of each lesson. On the reverse side of each week’s lesson is the Consider the Meaning section, where students learn more about the context of their verses by:

  1. reading the context in the Bible
  2. completing a short activity about the context
  3. completing a few multiple choice questions about comprehension
  4. completing a fill in the blank statement using a word bank of key phrases from the Scripture’s context

Scripture Memorization 14:6 The Way

Let me start by saying we use this program a bit differently than it is intended. We use it during morning time, and we do it as a family working and answering questions orally. I do not keep track of if I have to help each kiddo or not, though some do a lot better with the memorization than others. (This is pretty typical, and something I’ve seen in our homeschool no matter what we are memorizing. One of my children is just really good at memorization, even though she is younger.) But we are all learning quite a bit as we go through the book together.

I like that each unit covers a specific doctrine, like What did God Do? and then each of the 4 lessons in that unit fall under that umbrella. So for example, in unit 3 (What Did God Do?) we learn through memorization that God:

  • Planned Our Redemption
  • Gave His Word
  • God Promised a Savior
  • God Sent His Son as a Man

Scripture Memorization 14:6 The Way

The scripture covered is especially meaningful because it is *in context* to what is being learned. I really love this, because so often we see scripture that sounds nice, and seems great but is actually being used incorrectly, out of context, and doesn’t actually apply in the way it is being used. But not with Scripture Memory Fellowship, 14:6 – The Way. This is so refreshing, and really helps take a lot of the pressure off of the homeschool mom who may otherwise need to find verses for specific topics. It definitely made teaching and preparing for these lessons at morning time more enjoyable for me.

The Keep it Sharp section at the back of the book covers the importance of retaining what Scripture we have memorized. The icons from the lessons help with triggering the memory based on the particular doctrine that was focused on during that lesson. This is especially helpful for visual learners, or anyone that needs other ways to remember things.

The ultimate purpose for memorizing scripture is so that it is always on our hearts, and with the Holy Spirit we can use it in our every day life. This includes sharing the gospel with others; not only unbelievers, but our children, our friends when they’re low, and of course for our children to share with others. It isn’t just something to memorize so they can say they’ve done it- it is something to be used and valued, because what is more valuable than God’s Word?

This has been a great way for us to learn doctrine and memory verses in our homeschool, and I think it is going to work for just about any family or individual. Always remember to make the program work for you! Which is what we did here by using it as a family, but it is a perfect program for an individual to work on independently, aside from reciting what they’ve learned to someone else.

We will definitely be continuing with this one!


I just wanted to share their hints for memorization, because I think no matter how you decide to memorize scripture in your homeschool or personal life, these are really great ideas:

Connect with Scripture Memory Fellowship


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The Adventum: Volume 1 (plus a coupon code!)

 Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

The Adventum

Let me tell you about a little something my children are absolutely obsessed with and quote all day long- The Adventum. This is an audio drama style recording of God’s story of redemption; The Adventum, Volume 1 covers stories from creation to Abraham. At just over 4 hours, this is absolutely loved by all 5 of my children, and I promise your kiddos will love it as well. The Adventum is an entertaining, family friendly, creative, full- cast Bible epic with over 50 voice actors, music, and sounds.

Our family loves *loves* audio dramas, and this audio drama is going to be for anyone of any age. I’d say if they’re old enough to listen to stories on audio, kids can start enjoying The Adventum. Parents and grandparents are going to enjoys this Christian, family friendly audio drama, as well.

The Adventum Volume 1


What is The Adventum, Volume 1

There are 4 CDs in the volume 1 set. We received the physical CDs, but you can also choose to order the downloadable mp3 version. Not only are the stories told with great detail and energy, but the actors voices are great! If you are someone that listens to audiobooks or podcasts, you know the narrator’s voice makes or breaks the listening experience. The voice actors in The Adventum bring the stories to life with vibrance and energy that shows their love for telling God’s story. The quality of the sound and music is just beautiful; but it isn’t overbearing or over the top.

It’s just right, it’s just the right amount of everything-excitement, drama, sound, quiet, nature- to go along with God’s redeeming story, with the gospel.

What I really love as a mom, is that I have watched and listened as my children have fallen even more in love with God’s Word. They are actively looking up stories they hear on The Adventum and reading them from scripture. The audio definitely takes creative liberties to get a laugh from kiddos or grab their attention with sounds, music and details, but it is so wholesome and easy to listen to. This has been on repeat in our home since the day I handed it to them!

The Adventum Volume 1

The Adventum has been a wonderful addition to our home for those hot summer afternoons when we are worn out from playing, swimming, and choring, and need to rest indoors for a while. The girls even took the CD player and cds downstairs so they could act it out with dolls while listening.

My almost 10 year old son has created inside jokes with his siblings about all the silly parts in their favorite stories; he enjoys acting out the parts for his sisters.

This isn’t going to be the Bible word for word. If you are like our family, you have Bible time together, and devotional time together. Your children have probably had the Bible read to them since they were babies and knew many Bible stories by the time they were 3 years old. This won’t replace that. But it will be a fun, relaxing addition to your day and a wonderful way for your children to interact with the Bible. And maybe they haven’t heard God’s word daily since they were born, maybe you know a family that doesn’t know much about the Bible, or maybe you’d like your kiddos to want to dive in more deeply. I can honestly tell you that The Adventum will do just that.

I have found turning on The Adventum definitely creates an atmosphere in our home where there is a lot of excited talking about the Bible all. day. long.  And who can complain about that?

And guess what?! The Adventum, Volume 1 is currently discounted by 50% on the website. A special offer for readers includes Free Shipping (US only) using Discount code: advcrew2

I would love to get the remaining volumes for our family. We don’t really do big birthdays or Christmas, but I think this will be just right for those occasions. The other volumes would also make great Advent openers leading into the Christmas season, or even as a Resurrection Sunday tradition.

Connect with The Adventum

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audio bible stories
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Friday on the Farm: Summer Harvest Time 2022

This year we have an abundance of somethings on the farm, and a scant production of others. My tomatoes are in need of  potassium, so that is ordered. But we have lots of pears, cucumbers, okra, and basil!

The flowers we planted have started blooming, and we have babies galore!


If you want to follow more of the goings-on about the 40 Acre Wood, follow my instagram where I post pictures, updates, and fun little reels.



Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

Musk Melon from the garden


Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

Dolly’s calf- we had her AI-ed in Nov and she gave us a little heifer calf



Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

so many Monarch caterpillars


Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

our new tractor coop. Hubby worked so hard on this!


Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

okra blooms


Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

purple hull peas




Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

we made beeswax candles- harder than it looks, even when you get the temp just right …


Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

pickles, pickles


Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

part of the pear harvest


Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

Zinnias, my favorite



Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

one day’s harvest



Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest




Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

more meat chicks for the fall- 75 to be exact



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Homeschool Printables from 

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.
Super Teacher Worksheets is possibly the largest online worksheet resource for homeschoolers, offering over 20,000 printable PDF resource! As homeschoolers, many of us approach elementary education from a Charlotte Mason, classical, or eclectic viewpoint. I would say in any homeschool style, there is always room for a little fun review, extra practice, or a seasonal activity printable. These PDFs are going to be best for K-5th grade level students. We received the 1 year membership, and I have so many plans for using it over the next year! The unlimited year membership is only $24.95 for an individual and include *unlimited* downloads. No more searching the internet for hours, getting side tracked with 100 tabs open, and never printing off what you were looking for … (just me? 😬 )  24.95 for a year unlimited downloads

What Is It? is a perfect resource for any homeschool family that needs custom printables for specific learning areas or skills.If you ever find yourself looking online for printables, look no more! Because you will find worksheets for math, reading, writing, phonics, spelling, science (and more!), all your printable-needs will be met with this one subscription. I like to use them for weaker areas where we need extra time for learning a specific skill. The worksheets are super easy to use as a supplement with manipulatives like snap cubes, real money, counting bears, and shapes for hands-0n learning!

I also like to have printables ready for our on the go clipboard work. I will print off a few sheets for each child, put them on their clipboards so they can work while we wait at the doctor, the dentist, or drive to town. Some skills just need extra time, and that’s okay! With we have access to all the printables we need, in one place. Woo hoo!

We often do a fun school season around Christmas, or add in extra activities for Resurrection Sunday, so I really like that they offer printouts for holidays and other seasonal activities. The autumn scarecrow letter mix-up example below includes the page to write the letters, but also has the letters students can cut (fine motor skills), and scramble around to see and build the words they are making before writing them. This adds a hands component to the worksheet; I have found many of the worksheets  24.95 for a year unlimited downloadshomeschool printables  24.95 for a year unlimited downloads

Parents will find math games, cut and paste activities to encourage fine motor skills, puzzles, entire spelling units, phonics mini-books, and more! There is also a worksheet generator feature that allows you to create worksheets for math skills, games and flashcards, different kinds of puzzles, ABC order sheets, quizzes, teaching tools, and there is an area to save your generated worksheets! So you don’t have to recreate worksheets you’ve made before. Im telling you, the uses are endless and the resources are such go0d quality.

homeschool printables  24.95 for a year unlimited downloads

This is maybe one of my favorite reviews … 👌 but also one of the most utilized in our homeschool. I can even set my 11 year old up on the website and have her search for what we need, and let her do the organizing. Delegating is the best. 😉

Connect with

Read more reviews from the Crew for by clicking the banner below:

printable activities


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Art Class at Home- ARTistic Pursuits Homeschool Art

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

ARTistic Pursuits 

If you are looking for a great art core series for your homeschool, look no further than ARTistic Pursuits.  My oldest daughter has been so interested in art the last few years; she has always been a creative girl doing all sorts of handicrafts. But in the last year or 2 she has really taken by art, drawing, and doodling on everything (including her math work). She has never had a formal art class, outside of a co op art class which would be similar to elementary art, so we began with Drawing with Graphite Pencils, Art Core 1.

We have been using the physical product, but also received the streaming flip book and videos. This is a great option for families that do not want/need a physical product and only want an online resource. The streamed flip book is an exact copy of the hardcover textbook, with thumbnails, note taking capabilities, zoom in and full screen features, as well as a table of contents tab for easy navigation to the lessons.

ARTistic Pursuits Graphite Drawing Core 1

What Is It?

Drawing with Graphite Pencils, Art Core 1 is a non-consumable (it can be reused) beginner art program focusing on Element of Art. The program comes with a high quality hard cover textbook, dvd video lessons, and you can choose to add lifetime streaming if you’d like. This is an independent course that does not require intense parent involvement- students will read the 10 minute lesson material from the textbook (which can be led/ discussed with parent, but isn’t required), set up the video, have materials ready and begin!

ARTistic Pursuits Graphite Drawing Core 1

Materials needed include:

  • the program textbook and videos (physical or streaming)
  • paper- we used a sketch book
  • 4 graphite pencils
  • vinyl eraser
  • pencil sharpener
  • 8 sheets of black construction paper

Each of the 4 units is divided into 4 lessons, and has students observing the art element from that lesson in their environment, studying the element in art of the masters, and how to incorporate each element into their own works of art. Then students will complete a project for each lesson; projects may take up to 50 minutes, but if you child is like mine, they will most definitely enjoy it and the time will fly by. While lessons are designed for 2x a week, my daughter was doing them as often as she could! I can already see we will be needing the next program, Core 2, very soon!

homeschool art ARTistic Pursuits Graphite Drawing Core 1

Units included in the program cover:

  • lines
  • space
  • shape
  • texture
  • value
  • form
  • animal forms
  • human forms
  • man-made forms

homeschool art ARTistic Pursuits Graphite Drawing Core 1

You will also find objectives listed in the back of the book for documentation/grading purposes (if that is required for your state).

Drawing with Graphite Pencils, Art Core 1 can be used with multiple students, and because it is non consumable can be used over and over gain. 😅  my 7 year old is already watching along with big sister and wants so badly to begin her lessons.

So, what did we think? It is probably pretty clear that this is one of our very favorite reviews this year! However, it is more than that … it is probably one of our favorite homeschool programs we’ve used. It has brought joy into our homeschool day; it is simple, my daughter has learned so much already, and I can see her confidence growing. (and did I mention it’s independent at this age/level if I need it to be?!). The videos aren’t cheesy or boring, they’re concise, fun, easy to follow, and very clear on explanations.

Thank you ARTistic Pursuits for a wonderful homeschool art program we can count on and enjoy! We look forward to using the rest of the cores offered!


Video #4 Texture Drawing from ARTistic Pursuits Inc. on Vimeo.


Connect with ARTistic Pursuits Inc.

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Art Instruction


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Homeschool Geography and History Maps Combo-Pak {homeschool in the woods}

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

 Home School in the Woods

Home School in the Woods is one of our favorite homeschool resources, from timeline figures, to lap book paks, they truly have made so many quality resources for homeschoolers. In recent weeks we have been using their Maps Combo-Pak (US & World Maps). These printable US and World maps are so great for hands-on learning, homeschool history and homeschool geography activities.

There are so many uses for all the maps found in this combo-pak, and the many other resources included are going to be a great addition to any homeschool.  No more searching the internet endlessly for just the right map, state unit study, or country themed lap books. It is all right here in one downloadable file.

Homeschool in the Woods- Maps park

What Is It?

This Maps Combo-Pak is a set of olde world style maps of all kinds. It also includes notebook pages such as brochures for Christmas, family vacations, explorers of the world, and flags for al the countries, graphics of the country in relation to others (seen below), and so much more!
Homeschool in the Woods- Maps park


My favorite way to use this is to look at the books we are currently reading aloud as a family, and individually as independent readers, and print out resources for those locations. It is a great way to get some geography in, or create a unit study (even a mini study) based on the literature in your homeschool.

For example, we are currently reading Skylark, the second book in the Sarah Plain and Tall series. We have already finished Sarah Plain and Tall. Because the series is set in the midwest, and influenced on the author’s own family history in several of the midwestern states, we have decided to focus on Kansas. We also are reading Sweet Home Alaska as a family at bedtime, which is daddy’s read aloud time, so we have also been working on some Alaskan lap book pages.

Homeschool in the Woods- Maps park

I do not actually create lap books with most of our printouts. I put all of their completed work into a folder, and at the end of the year I have it spiral bound into a portfolio. This is so easy, and a great memory keepsake.  All of the products we have used from Homeschool in the Woods have been perfect for adding into this annual portfolio for each child. You could also print out each of the items included in the combo-pak, and file them away by topic, location, etc. And if you’re a super planner, you could print out just the items you know you will be using in the upcoming school year. =) This used to be me … but not so much anymore. 😂

I love that we can count on Homeschool in the Woods to provide accurate, simple, easy to use products like their Maps Combo-Pak (US & World Maps). The versatility in their products make them useful for just about every homeschool setting I can think of … classical, Charlotte Mason inspired, unschooling, unit study, or eclectic style like our family!

Homeschool in the Woods- Maps park


Connect with homeschool in the Woods:


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hands on history

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Friday on the Farm: Mid Summer 2022 goat videos

Mid summer has brought much joy to the homestead so far.

Goat kids on the farm 2022

While we are still waiting on most of our garden to come in, we have been experiencing babies! 🥰 Goats that is. We have 3 kids and they’re so much fun!

Lucy gave us a moon spotted doeling, and Wendy gave us 2 bucklings- 1 moon spotted and 1 that is tan and white. The little doeling (Bristol, named after a fox in my son’s favorite book series, Pax) look like a regular on one side, but is beautifully spotted on the other. Her legs are also spotted.

We have always named our goats after the books we’ve read over the past year. So this year, we have a Bristol, a Bombur, and a Bilbo. Ill let you figure out who the boys were named after…

In the clip above, the bigger kid jumping straight onto the playground is the girl. Because she was a singleton, she is super big and healthy! The boys are so romp and play all day.


In the clip below, Bristol is deciding she’s been left behind (she has not…) , and needs to know where everyone is 😆



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The Case for Heaven Streaming on Pureflix now!

The Case for Heaven is a documentary featured on Pureflix, based on the new book by best selling author Lee Strobel. You may recognize him as the author of The Case for Christ, and The Case for a Creator. This film is beautiful and compelling- so many misconceptions about heaven and the afterlife are dispelled.

The Case for Heaven, on Pureflix- Now!

While uplifting and inspiring, The Case for Heaven uses Biblical principles and scripture to explore the evidence for the afterlife in order to address man’s biggest fear: death. Inspired by Strobel’s own near death experience, he searched the globe for answers to the most profound questions we all have about heaven, hell, and near death experiences.

Featuring interviews with best-selling author John Burke, world-renowned pastor Francis Chan, and the late Evangelist Luis Palau, audiences will hear from experts and skeptics alike-including former atheists whose near death experienced brought them to Christ.

The Case for Heaven will challenge, encourage and inspire, daring viewers to tag along as Strobel probes the question- if there is a Heaven, can we prove it?

Come along as we carefully investigate the knowable and respond with faith to the unknowable.  🥰 This is going to be a great one to watch with your kids, especially those 12+ who can really understand the impact of what is being delved into during the documentary.

Watch The Case for Heaven on Pure Flix today!

The Case for Heaven, on Pureflix- Now!


Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.


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Healthy Habit Trackers for the Whole Family:

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew
American Coaching Academy

American Coaching Academy offers many digital resources for parents, teachers, and coaches to keep their students active and healthy. Our family has been using their Healthy Habit Trackers in our homeschool. These trackers are lots of fun, and the set has so many different options to choose from. Just download and print at home, and your family is ready for a new challenge! Also, included for a limited time is a set of habit tracking templates, that you can use endlessly in your home.

We have kids from 2-11 years old, and even the 2 year old got involved in the movement activities! These are probably great for ages 4+, depending on the habit your family is working on.

 What Is It?

Healthy Habit Trackers offers 12 different monthly habit tracker challenges, created for families to track their habits in a fun and unique way. There is a different theme for each challenge, (muscular endurance, kindness, household chores, muscular strength, etc) so there is something for everyone. They characters include on the pages are colorful, fun, and inclusive.

See the list below for all the great options offered in this set:

Healthy habit Trackers-12 months and free blank templates!

Not only do you get the challenges included, but (this is my favorite part) right now you can get blank versions of all the trackers! So your family can create a tracker for whatever you are working on- scripture memorization, poetry reciting, daily reading, practicing for whatever sport you are a part of, days spent out of doors … the possibilities are endless!

And, mamas! This is such an easy way to keep your children (and yourselves) accountable without constantly asking if they’ve done something for the day. Our family has been working on the Morning Virtue Kindness (more about this in another post), and some motor skill challenges. I used a kindness tracker for each child so they could be excited about coloring in their sheet when I recognized their act of kindness. Then I used 1 sheet for all kids together, for our motor challenge.

Healthy habit Trackers-12 months and free blank templates!

We did our motor skills outside, and had so much fun together- but I really enjoyed watching them improve in their skills. I also printed several copies of each tracker, including the blank templates, and put them in a folder. This way in the depths of winter gray days, we can pull out whatever fits our needs, and be ready to go!

There are so many ways to use the Healthy Habit Trackers, the possibilities really are endless! But a few of my favorites are

  • brain breaks between homeschool subjects
  • morning movement before school time
  • cleaning breaks for tidying the house between transitions
  • quiet/Bible time during independent time
  • prayer break to create the habit of prayer throughout the day
  • practicing drills for sports team

I love that these trackers are ready to go, involve the kids (coloring) in the process of tracking, and help create accountability without nagging, or  trying to find time in the already full days of life. The fact that I don’t have to look for a tracker online, or search for exactly what I am looking for is such a time saver for this mama! I can print as many copies as we need, and can do what I want with them.

What are some ways you would use these Healthy Habit Trackers in your homeschool?

American Coaching Academy

Connect with American Coaching Academy

Check out other reviews from the Crew,  and  see  how  other  families  are  using  them  by clicking  the  banner  below:Habit Tracker

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