Almost 5 months old!

Well, I thought it would be a good time to blog about some new things.  Internship, for one.  It is going much better than I thought, in terms of Lexie.  Oh?  Lexie is not  a “new thing” to blog about?  oops…  =) 

I am really enjoying my kindergarten assignment and could really, really teach these babies forever.  I always thought I would like older grades, but I am pretty sure now that I was wrong.  Yes, the babies need a little more help, but ironically my cooperating teacher is EXACTLY like me, type A personality.  Her kids are so self sufficient now (obviously they were not at the first of the year) because she makes them do the work.  It’s like Dr. Taylor always said, if you’re the one tired at the end of th day, your students aren’t working hard enough.  And man, my teacher works her fanny off, but those kids work just as hard, if not harder.  She has no down time, except during “rest,” which is a 15 minute break during which the kids rest their heads on their desk, rather than take a nap.  The rest of the time, she is a powerhouse teaching and drilling them.  And it shows.  She had the best NWEA test scores out of the 5 kindergarten classes.

I want to be like her.  I am so blessed to be paired with a teacher who is the exact example of the same teacher I want to be (and no, she does not have the address to this blog, I am not kissing ass).  Everything is labeled, organized in such as way that she and the students know exactly where everything is.  Her children know the procedures to a T, there is no need for her to even tell them what to do.  They know what to do and when to do it, and most importantly- have FUN doing it.  They learn and have such a great time.

This next week, she will teach Monday, and then Tuesday it is all me!  Wednesday she will not be there, then Thursday none of the Kindergarten teachers will be there!! So it’s me, 4 substitutes and 75 kindergarteners in our entire building!!  I cannot wait!  I am anxious to see how well I can control my classroom environment, while also teaching my students without Mrs. H being there to snap them in order.  =)    It should be rather interesting.  Then Friday I have to go to HSU for a prof dev day.

I think I am most scared about my classroom management.  There is one student in-particular who does the exact opposite of what I ask him, and he argues.  If you say one thing, he says another and keeps on and on.  I know not to argue back, but I know his parents won’t take his conduct grade seriously if I am the one who send it home on red..  grr.  
Anyways, this semester really makes me want my own classroom!!  I think I will be a great teacher.  I find myself applying TONS of things I have learned in college, which is good to know.

Lexie is feeling much better.  She is still pretty congested and has an icky cough, which we are watching.  But she has not had fever and plays like she feels fine.  At her 4 month check up, she was 18.6lbs and 27″ long.  My mother in law was asking me yesterday morning if I thought Lexie would be in 6 months through the winter… I said “oh yea!  I don’t think she will be in 9 months until spring..”  WRONG!  The  blue pant outfit is 9 months!!  So my mother in law went and got her a 6 month church dress, which is precious and it was much too small.  =/  So, I ran it back to the store and got a 9 month.  I would have grabbed a 12 month so she could wear it longer, but they didn’t have one.  That is the thing about baby clothes.  In the smocked dresses and bubbles she needs a 9 month, and in some pants outfits.  But she can wear 6 month footy pajamas and some 6 month pant outfits…  Oh well.  She is a growing girl!!

Oh, also… some people have mentioned that they cannot see her eating video and some other posts.  If you go to the bottom of the blog, and clock “older posts” it will give you a few of the previous posts.  Or, you can go to the “blog archive” on the side of this blog and click on the month and see those posts, etc.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  We spent the gorgeous, 73 degree Saturday walking downtown and around our neighborhood.  Today we went to church, did laundry, cleaned house, and ironed.  Lexie is currently playing in the glider and I am writing this, about to start some dinner.

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  1. naomigrace says:

    eeeek! Teaching your own class. I still have one semester to go before I’ll be student teaching but it feels like an eternity! I am so glad you like your cooperating teacher! I imagine that helps significantly! haha. And I LOVE Lexie’s blue polka dot outfit in the pictures! TOO CUTE! So glad she’s starting to feel back to normal 🙂

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