All Around the Home and Homestead Linkup {Bi Weekly Blog Party!}

All Around the Home and Homestead Linkup

You may know, in the fall of last year we moved to our dream land- a 40 acre homestead.  It has been such a blessing to our family in SO many ways.  We are not a “fast paced, go-go-go” family; we continue to enjoy weekly activities, outings, and camping but running the roads and being gone all the time is not for us.  Our land, woods, and pond are just perfect for our family’s personality.

This spring my husband and I sat down to discuss what direction we wanted to go with our farm- were we out to make money right away by producing vegetables and meat, or did we want to provide for our family first and go from there?

We decided that during this season we need to focus on feeding our family (and perhaps selling extra) while learning all we can by getting hands on experience.  Once our children are older and can help more (and I am less busy with babies), we will work on producing food/products to sell.

So, the farm is officially working on being a homestead- raising and producing our own beef, chicken, eggs, and vegetables as much as possible to support our family.  Among these things, we have fruit trees growing, and dreams of heifer cow, more baby cows, and a few dairy goats in the pastures.  =)

We use our woods to hunt wild game, chop fire wood, and of course to play and learn for our homeschool!

Speaking of homeschool, homesteading and homeschool often go hand in hand, but certainly do not have to.  Anyone can homeschool, and anyone can homestead!  But both are extra fun when combined.

I am always trying new recipes (many, many fails lately…), tweaking recipes for our children’s dairy allergies, learning something new about the garden (my husband’s the expert there), embarking on a new animal adventure (my favorite part), or starting a home or sewing project.  I try to stay focused on one thing at a time, but honestly it can be tough!

Homeschool will wrap up here in about 3-4 weeks, we are going to celebrate for a few days and then I will begin my pre-baby projects (she is due in July) for the next month or two.

If you love homemaking, whether you’re great at it or a bit clumsy with it as I am, or homesteading I encourage you to come here every 2 weeks and link up with us!  Don’t blog?  Then check out the links posted below from other homemakers and homesteaders!

We will meet back here to link up about every two weeks (that’s our goal) for another post, and to add link ups!

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