A Wee Bit Extra Dollars

so… i found this site.  and if you sign up, I get money.  =)  And if you refer friends and they sign up, you get money and I think I get more money.  Not a lot of money, obviously… but some money.

Here is what I suggest you do though-create a new email acct speecicifally for your cashcrate.  It works like this: you complete offers, like free auto insurance quotes, playing trivia games, or answering surveys-basically a bunch of garbage (which is why you will want an acct just for it) and you earn money.  I made $4.00 in about 45 minutes yesterday… not very good, but as people sign up under my referral, I will earn more-20% of what they earn and 10% of what their referrals earn.  You need to make $20 and then they send you a check.  Obviously this is not something you do to make big money, but this supplemented with other things could help a little.

Here is my referral link you should click on and go to if you decide to use it:
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