9.5 months old

Well, Lexie has hit the 9 month old mark.. =( 3 more months and she will be an entire year old. This makes me sad, it is flying by! However, I know I am blessed because I will be staying home with her, so I won’t miss a beat. We get to see J.Tom at lunch most days and it is just wonderful!

I have a few houses I am cleaning regularly for a little extra income; it gives me something to do and allows Lexie the socialization she needs outside the house with other kids. Finding means of income whilst you have young ones at home can be a challenge so this is great for me, but I know of some moms that do blogging on the side and even invest in Easyjet shares for some extra income. Right now my precious friend Whitney and her 2 boys play with Lexie on Tuesdays and Thursdays-they have GREAT fun! Lexie just loves Mason and Maddex, and of course Ms. Whitney.

A few days before her 9 month birthday, she started crawling! She is also the happiest baby ever, and I know they don’t come any more precious than her. Everyone compliments on how good and sweet she is; I know we probably won’t be so lucky the next time around! haha

We go swimming at the condos down the road.
At 9 months her speaking vocabulary consists of: Dada, (sometimes mama, but rarely), up, and the newest one is cat. She is OBSESSED with poor Missy Cat, whom of course is terrified of Lexie! haha She lets her come up on the bed and pet her, but Missy doesn’t hang around too long… Lexie’s signing vocabulary consists of: milk, eat, and once or twice she has used please, but I not sure it was for real.

We put up a baby gate to block the stairs, and the house is pretty baby-proof for now. There are a few nice things on tables, but I have taught her “no” about one of the tables and she avoids it most of the time. She can’t yet reach the stuff on the other table, but when she tries I tell her “no.” She is pulling up on everything! What is so funny is she is so determined; she will let go of whatever she is holding onto to see if she can stand on her own-which she can! And for pretty long periods of time. She gets so excited about it she laughs and claps. Pretty cute. She is also trying to stand up on her own from the ground; she gets flat footed and in a leap frog position and pushes up from her hands. She was successful once yesterday but immediately went back down on her hands. At least she is catching herself! She loves to wear her walking shoes, and she stands much better when she wears them.

I remember as a kid I alwasy played under my mom’s ironing board, and she would get onto me, because underneath it had these holes all in it, and the fabric kinda poked through. It was a green board with a pink, homemade cover of some kind; I loved poking the holes. I also played under the table, and in the clothes racks at stores.. Mom and I were talking and I think all kids like to play under stuff-hence forts made from chairs and sheets. Lexie loves to play under things too. She gets under her highchair, the dinner table, and MY IRONING BOARD and plays for long periods of time. It is pretty funny. But what she really enjoys is taking the iron baby gate (with a door built in) and shaking it back and forth-that would of course be her favorite. And although she is really too big for her exersaucer, she likes to get in it and act crazy shaking and jumping. It creates lots of noise and good fun!
Yummy blueberries

I am still making her baby food, speaking of which I need to start a new batch. She has started eating some more finger foods. On top of her love for avocados, she now enjoys fresh blueberries! I just tear them in half and she gobbles them right up. I have given her a little shredded chicken and she liked it ok, but didn’t think it was all that special. Right this minute she is in her bed playing/whining because she doesn’t want to nap… but she is so tired!

Her schedule is still a 4 hour schedule, but I think she is trying to stretch it a little again. She is so active and so she stays entertained longer and doesn’t poop out as fast. But when she gets sleepy, it is super tired, so that is good. Sometimes she will play and then lay herself back down for a nap. Sometimes I have to go put her back down and pat her a minute. It just depends on the day really.

Overall she is just a perfect baby! Wednesday we got to the dr for her 9 month checkup and shots =( I am anxious to see how tall she is. I am pretty sure she is about 23 lbs, but don’t have any idea how long.


Are you talkin’ to me?

I can get it, I can get it!

Here… Puppy puppy!

Brushing her teeth-we’ve been doing this for months, but now she can do it herself!

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