8 weeks old

I am starting to fear I will be forever fat.  I am doing WW for breastfeeding mothers, no weight loss.  I have been running since Lexie was 3 weeks old, no weight loss..  I have actually gained 3 pounds.  How does that happen?!  Also, everyone (lied) and said it would just fall off while breastfeeding.  (NOT TRUE)  I don’t go over my allotted ww points each week, and I haven’t used the exrta 35 pts they give you for weekends and stuff.. no weight loss.

This is a whiney blog today, sorry.  I am just fretting because I realized it has been 8 weeks and I have not lost one pound since 2 weeks postpartum.  I guess I will just step up my working out.  I guess we could go for more walks during the day. 

My mom said she didn’t lose her baby weight until she stopped breastfeeding.  My doctor said that the average woman doesn’t lose weight until she stops breastfeeding, but I don’t want to stop but I don’t want to be fat either.  At least by running/walking I am building muscle and getting back in shape.  So maybe once I am done nursing Lexie, the weight will come off more easily…  But I just really thought if you burn more calories than you eat, you lose weight.  That’s supposed to be how this works; so far that is not my luck.  I eat better now than I did before I was pregnant.

On a happier note, I am ready for another one!  Haha, yes I am ready for another baby!  I am ready for 3 more babies!  Once i get done with internship in May, and hopefully find a job I want to start trying for another.  I know we need to enjoy our time as a 1 child family though, because it will never be the same after we add more.  But I figure, about the time I get a job, we sell the house and build a new one it will be time for a new addition!  =)

Lexie is just busy as a little bee, and so alert.  She is so happy, and her tummy issues are better.  She still has problems with gas sometimes, but she is doing much better.  The gas drops don’t seem to work for us, but I am afraid to stop giving them to her, because what if they are working a little, then it would be really bad without them!  Also, we ran out of gripe water the other day, which is what gets rid of her hiccups so well (she gets cranky when she has the hiccups and cannot sleep).  Well, I (using a teacher term here —->) modified and adjusted and gave her sugar water-works like a charm!  So no more wasting money on gripe water when sugar water does the same thing!

Today we are getting ready for Lisa and Joey’s wedding at Garvan Gardens.  Lexie is dressing in her Halloween costume, she is a bumble bee!  But it is going to get cold tonight, and the reception is outside, so we are taking her warm, fuzzy, winter suit that Granny got her.  It is wonderful!  She wore it this morning on our walk (well, she and her daddy walked while I ran) and she was toasty warm!

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