5 Minute Friday {crave}


Before a few months ago, crave would have immediately triggered the word “sugar” for me.  But I have been really working hard on eating less sugar (although it was almost always natural sugars).  So now for me crave usually makes me think of stretching.

My body has been fighting me when it comes to exercising; a good workout has been resulting in days of body aches and pains (not typical workout soreness, but deep, debilitating pains).  I am pretty sure this has to do with being 4 months postpartum, and I am hoping it ends once my hormones level out.

But I am craving stretching, and massaging.  I haven’t been able to find a good position to sit or lay without it involving stretching deep in my hips muscles.   Thankfully I have found a great pelvic floor physical therapist that is helping me with some injuries/dysfunction from having baby #4; she has done some release work in my hips and abs that were causing pelvic floor tightness and other issues.

This has given me such relief, that when I do stretches I actually get back a satisfying feeling now.  Where as before I just needed more, and more, and more stretching.

Now I get real relief.  It is wonderful!

What have you been craving?

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  1. Janis Cox says:

    Hi there,
    So great to find you. I followed you on Twitter. I am an author illustrator of children’s books. I know what you mean about getting back into shape. At my age I learned to tap dance (I am a grandma of 7 grandchildren) and now playing pickle ball. But I can’t do too much or my body resists. I do stretch every morning.
    Praying for you to return to complete wellness.

  2. Barbie says:

    I crave to be closer to God each and every day. Stopping over from the FMF at #6.And I just noticed you are a Homeschool Review Crew member. Me too, going into my second year with my 8th grade by.

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