Life is Moments {of grace}

They sometimes disagree, I sometimes have to say “go work it out with your words, then come tell me how you fixed the problem;” We avoid being their referees as much as possible. Real life doesn’t come with a referee, we have to learn when to stand our ground and when to retreat.

Life is Moments of Grace

This life, homeschool, building relationships with siblings and each other … it is messy. It can be harder than we would like, yet often it is only as hard as we make it.

But Grace says we can. Grace, knowing there is room for error because Jesus, means we can.

(small backstory-grace is a really big trendy word in the Christian community the last several years. For what it’s worth, I am still learning about it. I think it is overused and misused often, so I was hesitant to make this post. I believe a lot of new Christians or those that don’t know Jesus yet are probably confused by the use of grace as I once was… but alas it was laid on my heart so here I am.)

The Word says we can overcome, work through, build, grow, fail, and try again at this parenting thing because of Him.

Not because we are patient.

Not because we are good or kind.

I’m not patient y’all and Im surely not good ?- I’m not any better suited for this gig than any other mom.

**But we are not called to make choices based on patience, ability, or lack there of … God calls us, and He decides how to arm us for His work.

We aren’t perfect, therefore life isn’t either.

But life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.

And we don’t have to be perfect parents to have beautiful, blessed, non-perfect children.

But we do need to be able to see them, speak affirmations of faith over them, and stop criticizing them, our spouses, and ourselves.

Don’t let the noise distract from the beauty. Find your quiet in the chaos in Him, in truth, and in all things beautiful to Him.

Those dirty hands, the messy hair, the loooong bedtime conversations that seem to go on forever- they’re going to end one day, sooner than I’d like.

I’m thankful for this reminder- for children that just came in from playing in the dirt, gathered around a book, one sprawled on a table covered in crumbs ?- the reminder that the hard days are *really* hard but they reap joyful moments, and that’s what life is made of.

Life is moments, good or bad, that we don’t get again.


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