3 Weeks old *sigh*

Well, needless to say it has been a little crazy around our house and I have not had much time or energy to blog.  I say crazy, what I really mean is I have been exhausted.  It is actually really calm and quiet most of the time…

I will start with week one.

Lexie went to her first doctor’s appointment the Thursday after she was born, so she was 6 days old.  She had not gained any birth weight back, and had actually lost a few ounces since we left the hospital-which is normal.  Otherwise everything was perfectly fine and she got a clear bill of health from the doctor.  However, I was told I could, but did not have to supplement to get Lex back up to her birth weight.  Dr. Z said she was not concerned and we could wait until the next weight check to decide on supplementing, so that is what I planned to do.  By the way, I LOVED our doctor (J.Tom was out of town with work, so he couldn’t go with us).  She is from Little Rock and is so new to Hot Springs that she is not even in the paper work at the hospital.  She is in the directory online, which is how I found her.  She believes in trying different things, is not super crazy-strict on rules, and is very sweet.  Anyways, she loved Lexie and I feel really good about her.

Week 2

The following week, we went back for just a weight check. Lexie had only gained 2oz, so she was up to 8lbs 6 oz.  The nurse (we don’t see the doc at a weight check) said this was okay if she seemed satisfied after each feeding.  I told her how we had been having terrible crying fits after each feeding but that I was told not to nurse longer than 30 minutes at a time (because babies start to burn more calories than they are taking in at that point) but that I didn’t think she was getting enough.  She suggested supplementing with either pumped bmilk or formula.  I really didn’t want to use formula so I was pumping after every feeding and doing everything in my power to up my milk supply… to no avail really.  A few days later I spoke with a lactation consultant who is the sister in law to my sister in law (haha) and she helped us SO much.  She said to just keep nursing 30 minutes at a time, pump when I can, and if I have to top her off with formula it is no big deal.  So now, Lexie is nursing 30 minutes and then she gets 2.5-3 ounces of formula or pumped milk, just depends on if we have any. She is a a little piggie! But he is satisfied and it helped SO much.  The poor baby was hungry-that is why she was crying so much!!  I felt terrible she was hungry for 2 weeks, but was glad we figured it out.

Week 3

Now, here we are at the beginning of week 3!  Mostly, everything is going better.  The last 2 weeks Lexie was not sleeping from one feeding to the next at night; she would wake about every hour-hour and a half.  This was incredibly exhausting.  Some days she doesn’t sleep but an hour or so during the day, which is okay because hopefully that will get her tired enough to sleep more at night.  The last 2 nights she has slept from one feeding to the next, which is about 2-2.5 hours at a time.  So, that is super nice.

I am going to take her in some time next week for another weight check to see how we are doing with the supplementing.  She seems full after a breast milk bottle and a formula bottle, both; the only problem being I cannot seem to pump enough to supplement after every feeding, so that is where we come in with formula.  =(  But, she is out of her newborn footie pajamas and is wearing her 3 month pj’s now!!!  So, I would have to think she has gained some weight, plus it looks like her fat rolls are filling out again (like they were in the hospital).  So going by those things I think we are doing great.

In General
In general, things are okay.  Sometimes she has terrible gas and she fusses for a few minutes (maybe 10-15 minutes?)  We are trying the Gripe Water and we always do gas drops with each feeding.  The biggest problem with this is that the gas and tummy pains wake her up, which in turn wakes ME up.  So while she can go right back to sleep, I am not so lucky.  But we will get it worked out.  I think maybe my eating home made bleu cheese dressing on salad every day for the last week may have something to do with it?  So I am going without it for the next day or 2 to see if there is a difference.  Otherwise we are going to try a soy formula-which our Walmart doesn’t carry!  Go figure.  But online, Walgreens says they have it so if need be we can find it there.

Thursday night and last night I got some sleep so I am feeling a little better.  I know some of you were pretty concerned because I sound (on the phone) and look so exhausted.  Part of that probably is because I have NO STINKIN TAN!  haha  No, it probably really is because I was/am so tired  But I think that is very normal for the first 4-6 weeks of having a newborn, so while I may complain, I am not really complaining because I know it will end eventually.  Not to mention J.Tom helps me SO much.  He stays up with me for a while at night and then if I need him for some reason in the middle of the night/morning he helps with a smile on his face and never complains.  He runs any and all errands and helps in general around the house.  I don’t know what I would do without him, really.  I know it must be hard for single moms, but I think it would be even harder to have a husband who didn’t help you much or none at all; I couldn’t handle having someone there who did not support me and our baby.  We are very blessed to have each other.

So, I guess that is it for now!  About to take out the second batch of chocolate chip cookies and watch the Hogs get reamed by Alabama (hopefully not though).

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