So I just have this weighing on my mind today.  My daughter is 6 months old and has boundaries; she sleeps when she is tired and it is time to rest, she eats when she is hungry and it is time to eat, and she gets independent time without mommy in the room.  I already tell her “no”, although she doesn’t exactly know what it means she can tell from my tone that I mean business.  Eventually that word and tone will be an essential part of her raising.

As a parent and future teacher I am frustrated.  Parents are allowing their children to dictate the way they live.  I guess they do this in order to “keep the peace” and avoid screaming and fit throwing when kids are younger, but if you are not consistent at home and out in the world, how can you expect the child to know their boundaries?  I don’t care if I have to leave a restaurant or a store, my kids will not get to just run around and act however they want to just because it is easier than discipling them-that is called laziness.  I have been told indirectly that my baby rules my life because she is on a schedule… My response to that is I am preparing my child for her life and mine in the long run.  Do I realize the next one may not be quite so easy?  ABSOLUTELY.  And by no means do I expect all my kids to follow a cookie-cutter outline.  However, I will attempt to give them the security and consistency that a routine provides.

I believe the same goes with discipline; when you are consistent with warnings, time out, and consequences children learn their boundaries.  I realize I don’t have a child in their terrible twos or a teenager yet, but I will do my very best to provide an environment with structure and boundaries.  I believe there are adult things, children things, and systems that are already in place for a reason: to protect children.  Why not go ahead and utilize those systems?

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