15 weeks pregnant #2

How far along: 15 weeks today

Overall weight gained- 6 lbs That’s more than I had anticipated for the second time around. But that’s what I get for not running 10+miles a week

Things I’ve panicked about in the last week: Oh you know, everything. Will we do a baby reveal or just find out the gender? Is the baby going to be okay since I don’t take my prenatals every day? (HEARTBURN!) Will Lexie be potty trained pre-baby, like we would like? OMG-I’m practically 4 months pregnant and we’ve done NOTHING to prep for baby! Except maybe having a look for professional photographers in our area who will be able to shoot some maternity photos for us. We didn’t get round to doing it during our first pregnancy and I’ve always loved how they have turned out. My friend who is also pregnant has recently had some taken from a photographer similar to Olga Topchii, (olgatopchii.com) and they have turned out really good. She looks amazing! I really want to have this done this time so I’m definitely going to try and organize this as soon as possible. But there are still so many things that we haven’t sorted out yet. Let’s not even discuss naming the poor kid … it just keeps going like this for a while.

Food cravings: just sweets really. I’m trying to eat fruit instead and drink water

Exercise: 2-3 days we make it to the Y for some yoga and/or elliptical. When I am done cleaning houses this summer I figure we will be up there a LOT more, walking like I did last pregnancy.

maternity clothes: everything but tops, now. This girl even busted out the maternity shorts 2 weeks ago! Woo hoo- talk about FREEDOM! Hello early spring.

Baby’s size this week: a naval orange; baby is hiccuping and moving all around. Her joints and limbs move freely and she is forming taste buds.

Sleep: same as last time… interrupted by non stop bathroom breaks. Fun.

Queasiness: the queasiness from a few weeks ago is virtually gone. Now I just feel fat and lazy all the time.

Wedding rings: still on

Happy or Moody: depends on how tired I am. Yesterday was No Bueno.

Looking forward to: our chickens getting here in a few weeks!


J.Tom worked so hard yesterday and finished the gate door for the carport. It looks *awesome* Lexie and I helped a little mostly got in the way. We just had to get this, and looked around for something that was remotely close to what we wanted. Thankfully a friend of ours suggested Tassie Sheds Burnie, and while we didn’t get our carport from there, it really gave us an idea of what we should have. In the end, we found what we were looking for – a gate door that would fit our carport. The best thing is the gate completely closes off the yard so now little miss cannot escape while we are working in the garden, etc; no more one person works, one person keeps and eye on her, or “go strap her in the wagon real fast and come here” bahaha JK

A few pre-baby plans have changed. At this point we MUST: build a chicken coop, replace carpet in baby #2’s room, and empty said room. After that, depending on how much money I still have stashed away, we may tackle the kitchen. It will have to be done at some point, but we’re not entirely sure it will happen before the baby gets here. JTom is traveling so much, and working so much, we just don’t know what we can accomplish in the next 4.5 months.

Baby’s awake, got to go!

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